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How Do Cosmetic Wellness Treatments Work? 

Our cosmetic wellness treatments are effective because acupuncture, herbs and massage are used in concert to provide a synergistic result.

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial cosmetic acupuncture works on multiple levels. It relaxes tight facial muscles that crease the skin to cause wrinkles e.g. frown lines.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Needles improve circulation to the face to improve complexion and skin metabolism. Needling along wrinkles stimulates the body to repair micro-injuries by depositing new collagen to fill up deep lines.

Balancing Acupuncture

Facial concerns are usually reflections of imbalances in the body. For example puffy face is due to poor fluid metabolism. Balancing acupuncture therapy is performed to correct the causes of problematic complexion and aging.

Herbal Masks

We create personalized herbal masks in our herbal dispensary to target all skin types such as greasy, acne, flakey, rosacea, pale, pigmented, puffy and combined types.

Herbal Medicine

The medical literature is rich with cosmetic formulations such as Ginseng Nurturing the Complexion Decoction (RenShen Yang Rong Yin) and Seven Treasure Precious Pill for Beautifying Hair (Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan) created to beautify facial complexion and hair. Herbal formulations help to correct body imbalances that manifest as cosmetic conditions on the face.

Neck & Scalp Massage

Neck massage increases circulation to the head and face to improve skin metabolism and complexion. Scalp massage relaxes the stress and tension responsible for abnormal micro-expressions that cause fine lines. Scalp massage also improves microcirculation to the scalp that is needed for healthy hair.

Facial Massage

Massaging natural pearl exfoliation powder into the skin removes dead cells to reveal young and soft skin. Lifting massage techniques reduce sagging to redefine the jaw line. Massaging herbal creams into wrinkles and areas around the eyes and lips further nourish the skin and decelerate the effect of aging.


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