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River Clinic Oriental Medicine

Markham Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine--River Clinic, Richmond Hill, Scarborough正體字 - Chinese Traditional简体字 - Chinese Simplified日本語 - Japanese
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River Clinic’s mission is to offer the absolute best quality and safest herbal medicine available.

We offer herbs in three forms:

  1. Extracted herbal granules

  1. Lab-tested raw herbs

  1. Topical medication

Chinese Pharmacy
We carry Geo-authentic herbs. This means if the knowledge recorded in classical herbal texts state that specific herbs harvested from different geographic regions differ in their therapeutic effects, there are usually good reasons for that.  Regions that are indigenous to the plant ensure the best possible natural growing climate and soil parameters, thereby producing herbs of the best quality.

We carry Lab-tested herbs. This means all of our herbs, both raw and extracted granules have been tested for heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, aristolochic acid, sulfur fumigation and microbial contaminants to ensure our patient’s utmost safety. Each batch is chemically tested for impurities and key active ingredients. We have special arrangements with our suppliers to be able to provide certificates of analysis from any batch at any time.

Our patients can rest assured that our herbs are chemically tested for harmful ingredients that exceed organic standards. Furthermore our patients can be confident in the knowledge that we try our best to provide herbs that minimizes ecological impact on our environment. This is our pledge.

Why are most herbs from China? Can they be sourced from other countries?

What is the difference between cultivated, organic and wild-crafted herbs?


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Emiko Kanematsu, R.TCMP R.Ac.

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