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Trauma & Injury

Traditionally the specialization of Trauma & Injury was called Fall Hit (跌打) in Chinese medicine to describe common ways that the body gets injured.  This medical specialization was often practiced and passed down by Kungfu masters who used this skill to treat their students and all members of their community.

There are several different types of physical trauma, based on the nature of the injury and the tissue damaged.


Some common classifications are:

Laceration: A jagged wound or tearing (ie. cut)

Contusion: Closed wound (ie. bruise)

Sprain: Tearing of ligaments

Strain: Tearing of muscles or tendons

Fracture: A break in bone or cartilage



Any type of physical injury can damage the tissues, as well as energetic pathways called channels.  This damage results in restricted circulation of Qi, blood, and body fluids through the injured area.  The most prominent symptom is pain, but other common symptoms include sensitivity to touch or movement, swelling, stiffness, bruising, and redness.  Burning sensations or numbness may also be present.

Every injury also heals in recognizable stages.  The healing time depends on the severity of damage to the tissues.


Acute Stage – Inflammation due to trauma.  Generally lasts 1-7 days

Symptoms: Swelling, redness, inflammation, and pain are most prominent

Treatment goals: Unblock Qi and blood, open the channels and collaterals, stop pain.


Post-Acute Stage– Healing.  Weeks 1-3

Symptoms: Swelling and inflammation are reduced.  Stiffness and limited range of motion.

Treatment goals: Move Qi and blood, relax and repair the tendons, disperse swelling, stop pain.


Recovery Stage – Healed but weak.  Weeks 3-8 (+)

Symptoms: No swelling. Stiffness and aching pain continue

Treatment goals: Harmonize Qi and blood, dispel cold and damp, nourish channel tissues.


Chinese medicine treats injuries using herbal liniments, acupuncture, tuina (a form of physiotherapy) and bone-setting techniques.  Oral herbal medication has its place in alleviating pain, reduce inflammation and promoting tissue repair.  By using traditional Chinese medicine for injuries at all stages of healing, our therapists ensure that the damage heals quickly and completely, preventing or ending the development of a chronic condition.





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