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Wound Healing


Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to the treatment of chronic ulcers and wounds.  Rather than relying on only external wound care treatment, herbal medicine is also used to restore the body’s deficient healing energy so patients can regain the ability to heal their wounds internally.


Sometimes poor circulation and nerve damage play a role in slowing down healing time, for example in diabetic foot ulcers.  Acupuncture and electro-stimulation have both been shown to speed up healing of chronic wounds by activating the nervous system. 1,2 River Clinic integrates Western science and Eastern medicine by using micro-currents to stimulate acupuncture needles at the optimal frequency and wavelength to enhance wound repair.


Chinese medicine treats each of the following types of chronic ulcers recognized by Western medicine.

Types of Ulcer Root Cause Treatment Approach
Diabetic or Neuropathi Ulcers Qi & Yin Deficiency Nourish Qi & Yin
Pressure Ulcers Qi & Blood Stasis Invigorate Qi & Blood
Venous Stasis Ulcers Blood Heat Becomes Toxic Cool Blood Release Toxin
Arterial or Ischemic Ulcers Yang Qi Stagnation Warm & Unblock Vessels



Surround the Dragon needle technique applied to a leg ulcer to promote regeneration 3.



1. Effect of electrical stimulation on wound healing in patients with diabetic ulcers.  Baker, LL et al.  Diabetes Care.  1997. 20 (3):405-12

2. The use of acupuncture-like electrical stimulation for wound healing of lesions unresponsive to convential treatment.  Sumano, H. Mateos, G.  1999.  Am J Acupunc. 27 (1-2):5-14

3. Acupuncture as add-on treatment in the management of a patient with ecthyma gangrenosum.  Foell, J.  Acupunct Med. 2012. 30:60-62


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