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River Clinic Oriental Medicine

Markham Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine--River Clinic, Richmond Hill, Scarborough正體字 - Chinese Traditional简体字 - Chinese Simplified日本語 - Japanese
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Acupuncture Related Therapies

Cupping Therapy

A flame is applied to the inside of small glass jars to create a vacuum inside the jar. These jars are applied over acupuncture points or on energetic meridian pathways. The vacuum lifts up the skin area inside the jar like a negative pressure massage. This soothing technique is often used after acupuncture to improve circulation and break up blockages that are the cause of pain and functional imbalances.  It is also effective as a stand-alone therapy.

Moxibustion Therapy

The burning of dried mugwort herb (Artemisia vulgaris) to warm acupuncture points is called moxibustion. The heat generated from moxibustion improves the circulation of Qi-energy and blood to alleviate pain and to correct disorders caused by “cold pathogens”. A rolled up piece of mugwort can be attached to the handle shaft of an inserted acupuncture needle to combine acupuncture therapy with moxibustion therapy.This therapy is best suited for weaker patients and especially elderly patients that complain of cold body and joints.
GuaSha Therapy

Gua means scrape, Sha means skin reaction. Therefore GuaSha is a therapy where the surface of the skin is scraped to cause a reaction of the skin. A lubricating cream is first applied over a selected area such as the upper back. A small flat tool is then used to scrape the surface of the skin. The scraping causes the skin to become intensely red, which serves to improve local circulation and release “heat pathogens” from the body. This therapy is especially effective in strengthening the immune system to fight the flu and its associated neck/shoulder pain.


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