Patient-focused – Personalized focus on the root cause of disease according to each patient’s constitution.

Accessible – Easily accessible with a customized treatment plan for each individual.

Sustainable  – We only use naturally sustainable materials in our herbal medicine.

Integrative Medicine


General Medicine

Oriental medicine is highly effective in treating both acute and chronic conditions.

Natural Dermatology

River Clinic treats skin disorders holistically and naturally, absolutely free of steroids and antibiotics.

Gynecology & Fertility

River Clinic provides specialist treatments in Women’s Health and Natural Fertility.

Natural Pain Relief

Acupuncture is most famous for the great results achieved in relieving pain.

Natural Neurology

Two specialized acupuncture methods developed specifically for neurological problems.



Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine involving the insertion of filiform (thread-like) acupuncture needles into the skin at specific points on the body to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Therapy is based on classical Chinese herbal medicine that has been practiced safely and effectively since the Han Dynasty for around 2000 years.

Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork includes massage techniques but with additional manipulative skills such as passive stretching, structural alignment and joint mobilization to restore musculoskeletal function.

Mind-Body Exercise

Our mind is connected to our body through energy. When our mind is energetically disconnected from the body, we can neither function mentally nor physically.


Poney Che Chiang

Clinic Director,  R.Ac & R.TCM.P, PhD

Emiko Kanematsu

R.Ac & R.TCM.P, PhD

Alex Lin



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River Clinic Integrative Medicine


3 months ago

River Clinic- Acupuncture, Herbs & Chinese Medicine

What differentiates Acupuncturists from those who do Dry Needling?

What can we look forward to for our profession when we collaborate with other healthcare professionals and share what our Medicine is truly about?

Watch this final episode on Nicole DeLorey L.Ac to hear what she believes is possible.

She reminds us that we are a healthcare system that has proven the test of time. And if we stay true to our medicine, continue to educate other professionals about it and why they should refer to us, the future is very bright.

We had the opportunity to interview Nicole DeLorey ( Nicole DeLorey L.Ac ) for AcuTalks! An incredible practitioner and instructor, she shared with us more about how she found Acupuncture, what she specializes in, what trigger points are, and what she believes the future holds for the profession.

*patient filmed with informed consent*
*The opinions expressed in this interview are the subject's own and do not reflect the view of TSCA*

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